Your company website should be designed with focus on usability, accessibility and functionality – while promoting your company image.

We believe a website should not just be designed as an “online advert” – something pleasing to the eye but with no interaction or depth. We aim to design websites that allow the users to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily, because ‘50% of web sales are lost because visitors can’t easily find content’ (The Gartner Group).

Today’s users expect information at the tips of their fingers – and if they can’t quickly find it on your website, your competition is only a click away.

Within this section of the site we step through the web design process, introduce a selection of features you might like to consider for your site, and explain the different web technologies available.

We explore accessibility, and ways of making your website available to all, and other ways your website can work for you, your clients and your partner companies.

Check out our Portfolio to see some of the amazing websites we have made, and to get an idea of the possibilities when you work with MicroAngelo.


Web design is at the core of our business, and in this section we aim to explain the various possibilities available to you today on the web. The web’s potential is vast, but most websites only utilise the bare minimum. If you want more from your website, browse the pages in this section, then contact MicroAngelo to learn more.

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