Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is very important to us: it permeates all aspects of our business. We all have years of industry experience, and have seen the good and the bad. We’ve learned from other’s mistakes. We knew we could do it better. So we have.


We believe that producing a website should be a collaborative process. Too many web development companies simply take an order, and then pop up 2 months later asking for final payment.

The client has little or no involvement in the process, and therefore the end result seldom matches their requirements or those of the website’s users.

The MicroAngelo development process is a constant two way of information. The client can see exactly what they’re getting at every stage, and can suggest alterations, additions and improvements. The result is a website that is the best it can be, because it does exactly what is required of it.


From almost the first time you contact us you will be assigned a personal Project Manager. This will be your direct contact with MicroAngelo: your “man on the inside”.

We are all too familiar with the feeling of helplessness and frustration of being pushed from department to department inside a company, of having to explain your problem over and over as you reach each new uninformed employee.

We don’t work that way. We don’t understand how anyone can work that way.

At MicroAngelo you know your Personal Project Manager will be there to sort out any issue you have. They are personally responsible for your project, and ensuring that every aspect of it from billing to coding is running smoothly.Client satisfaction is paramount!


This is the very essence of our business, and that extends to our dealings with you. We utilise every modern method of communication, including instant messaging, Skype Internet telephony, phones and email. Because it is so essential to every project we take communication seriously. “It’s good to talk”.


It is our firm belief that the internet should be a tool for all.

MicroAngelo designs websites with accessibility in mind, which benefits everyone that browses the site, and conscribes to the most modern web design methodologies and Web Standards. For more information, please see our accessibility page.

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