Rethink your business

A common misconception is that a company website is only used by your customers. At MicroAngelo we believe that a good site should be equally useful for your employees, if not more so.

Intranets allow greater communication, functionality and productivity within your business. By intelligently storing and sharing information amongst employees, departments, or even between offices around the globe, bureaucracy is reduced and repetitive processes can be automated.

Security can be implemented by passwording entry into your intranets, to deny access to confidential or price sensitive information.

Almost Endless Possibilities

Employees can have all of their information at their fingertips 24 hours a day from almost any location. With your business enabled and streamlined in this way, your work output and efficiency can increase dramatically.

We can integrate your site with your stock control system or accounts package, automatically updating as people order, and automatically emailing you to initiate any distribution required.

We can even create a system to alert you when you need to reorder stock. Contact us to discuss the possibilities: you will be surprised by what is possible and we always like to be challenged to innovate!

Extranets extend these abilities beyond your own company to allow greater communication & collaboration with clients, suppliers and partner companies.

By allowing outside interests independent controlled access to information that they need, your company has a valuable edge over your competition.

The speed and ease of interaction is increased, while the bureaucracy, number of calls, enquiries and requests for information to your business is decreased, reducing your running costs and allowing employees to work more effectively.

Similarly, security can be implemented by passwording entry into your extranets, to deny access to confidential or price sensitive information.


Intranets empower your employees, making them more productive, and reducing inefficiency. Extranets improve inter-company communication, and reduce the time spent dealing with clients and partners, giving you a valuable edge over your competition.

With such huge savings to your costs & increased productivity, your profitability can improve dramatically!

Please contact us to find out how MicroAngelo can give your company the edge.

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