Accessibility Services

This page explains our services in the field of accessibility. To learn about the concept of website accessibility, see our Web Accessibility page, or to learn about the accessibility options on this site, see our Customise this Site page.

Accessibility Audits

A number of organisations, public sector bodies and companies in the private sector have requested MicroAngelo's expertise in the area of web accessibility. MicroAngelo have written comprehensive reports on major websites, presenting the accessibility problems with the website, how this affects users with differing disabilities, and what can be done to solve these problems. While we do a technical analysis of the website, the report is written in plain English that everyone can understand , explaining complex concepts and technical information without jargon or “technobabble”.

If you would like a website accessibility audit, report or presentation, please get in touch.

Accessibility Consultancy

MicroAngelo works effectively as an in house team, with a greater range of skilled resources, and the best, most up to date working practices. We can work in co-operation with your company's or organisation's website team to enable the completion of a major project, such as re-writing your website to be highly accessible. We also offer consultancy, where your in house team works, based upon our recommendations and advice. We are, in a word, flexible, and tailor our working method to best suit the needs and resources of each client individually.

Accessibility Presentations

MicroAngelo Web Accessibility Specialists have given presentations to organisations explaining how disabled people access the internet, how websites can be designed to be accessible to all, and how the Disability Discrimination Act applies to website ownership. To show our commitment to web accessibility we have made these presentations publicly available.

The Disability Discrimination Act - Powerpoint Presentation. 94KB File Size.

Instructions: Click the above link. Your browser might ask you if you would like to save the file, or open the file. If you have Microsoft Powerpoint installed already, please select it to open the presentation. If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint installed, please download and install Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer.

How Do Disabled People Access the Internet - Powerpoint Presentation, including video. 19MB Zip file.

Instructions: If you are not using Windows XP you will need to install a Zip program, such as Winzip, to open the “How Do Disabled People Access the Internet” presentation. When the presentation has downloaded completely, please extract the files to a folder on your computer, then open the Powerpoint presentation ”How Do Disabled People Access the Internet.ppt“. If the presentation does not open, please install Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer. If the videos do not play, please install Windows Media Player


MicroAngelo are one of only a handful of web development companies in the UK that have the experience and expertise to create accessible websites. Web accessibility is every bit as important as, say, building accessibility, but unlike building accessibility, web accessibility rarely ends in a compromise. In fact the work done to allow disabled people access to the site also has the benefit of making the website more usable to all, including search engines, which results in an improved placement on search engine results.

If your company or organisation feels that the legal obligation is not enough to warrant making the change, the business case will convince them. The disabled community wield an estimated £50 billion spending annually, and if your website is not accessible, your company is losing out on a significant business opportunity, and market reach. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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