About Us

The internet is a relatively new medium. It serves up different design problems, and offers exciting new possibilities. However, most businesses in the sector are not taking advantage of these new opportunities.

The MicroAngelo business model fully exploits the new working practices that the internet enables. Our business costs are minimal, while our productivity is higher – thanks to the new array of communications facilitated via the internet. Teleworking is a practical reality freeing employees from the daily commute and the 9 till 5.The result is a happier, more creative, productive workforce, and a significant reduction in overheads – giving you more website for your money.

What Gets Us Excited?

We like a challenge. We like to try something new, something that hasn’t even been thought of before. A groundbreaking, blow you away website that begins to truly use the potential of the web. That’s what gets us going more than anything else. Don’t duplicate, innovate! Not ok, or pretty good, but a phenomenal, sensational, breathtaking web experience!

Not every website needs the “wow” factor, but the website should still be built to a high and exacting specification that makes the user experience as smooth, gratifying and easy as possible. The user may not even realise that they’re experiencing a new and improved way of working – when something works exactly as it should, it is seldom noticed or appreciated. It’s when the user tries to use another website and is confounded and confused at every stage that they may begin to appreciate the difference.

Mission Statement

The mission of MicroAngelo is to work in seamless collaboration with the client, building a functional, accessible, and effective website, by applying a modern design methodology based upon Web Standards, and encouraging constant communication and individual responsibility in every aspect of our work.

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